Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trash in Paradise- Tulum, Mexico

Blogger Beach Cleanup 3

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My friends Ronni Kappos and Tara Judelle went for a 20 minute walk down the beach when we were in Tulum Mexico last week for a yoga retreat. They came back with a huge bag of trash. I estimate it was about 20 pounds worth. This is a reminder for me to realize that we have trashed even the places that look serene and pristine like the Yuccatan Peninsula in Mexico.

So what do we do?

- change behavior
- raise awareness
- clean it up
- provide economical substitutes to plastics
- tie ecology with economy
Do you have ideas? I would love to hear them. Big problems like this means we need to think of big solutions that we can implement one tiny step at a time.


  1. Yes indeed. We walk the beach in Bahia Soliman, just north of Tulum, every Sunday and pick it up. It's amazing how much arrives in a week, and if it's not removed it piles up. the beaches in Si'an Kaan (on the Boca Paila Road running South from Tulum) really, really, really need a big pick up. Some have not been cleaned since before Wilma.

  2. Thank you for commenting David. I have an idea to get a beach cleanup going in Tulum starting with the retreat center Maya Tulum that we stay at. Interested in helping? email me!


  3. Awesome work! It's amazing how much trash you can find on the beaches everywhere in the world. I also have walked the Bahia Soliman beach and within about an hour I managed to fill a few grocery bags with garbage. The one odd thing is how many shoes and sandals I came across. I decided to make it into a bit of an art piece before they reached the dumpster. Posted here on my blog:

  4. Hi I think it's great what your doing, it is a tremendous help to the ocean ecosystem and more people should get envolved.
    Anyways way to go...2 Thumbs way up !!

    If you get a chance come by and say hello at my bogsite also.... at - The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network