Saturday, October 16, 2010

Community Count - Day 60

Cassy, Suki, and friend
trash collected for's 10/10/10
Monteray CA
93 pounds
502.4 pounds total

Suki the dog is not amused at the 93 lbs. of trash - YES 93 lbs. of trash found on the beach

I got an email this week from fellow blogger Cassy Marichal who moved from Miami to Monteray CA. (Good move :)) Anyway - she went to the beach last Sunday to collect some trash for's 10/10/10 - just like we did and found a heap - a HUGE heap - of trash to add to the Community Count of The Daily Ocean (which you can read about if you scroll down and read the description on the right side of this blog)

I'll let her relay her experience below -

"On Sunday, my friend and I headed down to the local beach to pick up some trash in honor of's 10/10/10. We were pleasantly surprised to find very few small pieces of trash during the first portion of our walk.

About 20 minutes later, we saw a crowd of seagulls huddled over a mound of trash. It seriously looked like a bar had thrown up on the beach. There were all sorts of liquor bottles, beer bottles and cans, reusable bottles (?!), blankets and even a pair of shoes!

There was a bonfire near all the trash so it looked like someone had a big party the night before and didn't bother to collect and throw away their 93 pounds of trash!!

We were so surprised after we weighed it all. We had to load all the trash into my car and it literally smelled like a bar at the end of the night!"

Should I have a prize or something for most trash collected for the Community Count? 93 pounds is a huge effort - and also rather depressing, no? Would it be turning lemons into lemonade - or should I just say -


  1. 93 pounds!! That is... sad. Sometimes trash gets away from people... sometimes things happen... BUT 93 pounds does NOT just happen. There is no mistake... there is no forgetting that amount... ugh. Thank goodness Cassy and her friend picked that all up. Thank goodness.

  2. Thanks for including me (& Suki) in the Community Count Sara! I'm super proud to be part of the Daily Ocean's quest!