Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 74 - Nov. 10

life guard tower 26, Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
estimated number of pounds collected today - 3
estimated number of pounds collected to date - 339.13
I recently met a fellow blogger named Beth Terry from the Bay Area. She has a blog that I may have mentioned in a previous post called Fake Plastic Fish. It chronicles her decision to cut down as much uneccesary plastic out of her life as possible. And she tells it honestly which is great. The point is not to be perfect, but to be aware of a problem as big as Plastic Pollution and work towards remedies in your life.

Okay, you can see I am a fan of what she is doing. I mention Fake Plastic Fish again because she was kind enough to include me in a post called Three Trashy Women, and like she says "Um... trashy in a good way." Take a look if you're curious, and/or haven't seen her blog yet.
The one pictured above is the second glow stick I found on the beach this evening. I found two of them. Odd? Maybe they are used in night fishing? I always associate them with Halloween. Anyway, not what you want to leek at the beach, or anywhere probably.
Sorry for the blurry picture of what could be a diaper, or a maxi pad. But which ever one it is. I found it, and I was not happy.

I also found:
- a used condom
- a whole change of clothes abandoned, pantyhose, jeans, blouse and sweater. It made me wonder, then I laughed, and then I thought that it really wasn't so funny for several reasons that you can think of too I'm sure.
- a used maxi pad
- two used band-aids
- lots of cigarette butts
- assorted plastic straws, plastic wrappers, candy wrappers....
But lets end this post on a high note. Surfrider and it's coalition of other ocean minded organizations won a huge victory last week. Septic Tanks were banned in Malibu which means that the famous Surfrider Beach will hopefully no longer receive F ratings when the water is tested. Read more here. Great job and congratulations!!