Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 94 - Feb. 4, 2010

life guard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
pounds collected - 2: 1.4 pounds by me and .6 by Tiffany from Venice Del Play Camp
total pounds collected - 390.9

Community Count Collection
Day 20 - Tiffany
pounds collected - .6
total pounds collected - 143.5

Thank you Tiffany for coming out! Can't wait until Feb. 15th to lead a beach cleanup with your campers!
Wend Magazine is teaming up with Anna Cummins and Dr. Marcus Eriksen of 5 Gyres and Algalita as they battle stormy weather, get visited by dolphins, and find out just how much junk and plastic pollution is plaguing not one (Northern Pacific Gyre), but the evidence they have collected on their Atlantic Sail shows that there is no escaping our "human stain" even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, half way to the Azores from Bermuda.

WEND: Adventure, Inspiration, Travel, Activism
Found "OCEARCH" on Twitter, (Ocean Research). They advocate for Marine Life, raise awareness about Marine Debris, (which is really not debris, debris is natural), and other amazing Ocean Activism Activities. Check them out!
Ocean Voices lets you send a message of hope, urgency for protection, and personal experience with the oceans for all to hear compiled on their interactive website. Join the "Ocean Revolution", check out OCEAN VOICES

"the ocean surrounds us and sustains us. We can only preserve life in the ocean by working together as a global community. Ocean Voices brings together voices from around the world for everyone to hear. Open your mouth; open your ears; join the Ocean Revolution."

People can walk by the darn-dest things. I too have overlooked many a piece of trash to be sure, but really? Are we that used to used Tampon applicators washing up on our beaches that we pass them by? I guess what is the option? Pick it up? You'll probably take a pass if you're just out for a walk. Lucky me that I had a paper towel to pick up this plastic jewel.

Here's one thing that bothers me about disposable plastic items. This TAMPON applicator will last for thousands of years, and as a girl I know, it was only used for 10 seconds max. Never mind the fact that most tampons that come in these plastic casings cause a whole blight of issues for women. Ok - off topic, sorry.
At least this bottle is made of glass. But like most glass and cardboard beverage packaging, the top is plastic. I'd like to see metal and glass used exclusively. So much easier to recycle, (last sustainable option by the way).
I still feel privileged every time I get to walk along a Pacific Beach in the winter and witness a sky like this as the sun sets.