Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost there....when we get there

It seems impossible that something as mundane as a yellow, plastic bucket would float by the Sea Dragon out of nowhere when there is nothing but water and blue sky in sight. 

And yet, one did. What are the chances? 

I couldn't begin to formulate them in the mathematical sense, but I do find it disturbing that for a boat that is on a quick and dirty transect across the ocean, that a bucket would intersect with our floating home. 

How much detritus is out there? Does it matter? We know that there's a lot of it here whether it shows up in the form of fragmented plastic bits in the manta trawl samples,  or even as one yellow bucket, on one random day in April. 

We could have washed it down, and stored something inside of it straight out of the ocean. 

Our days pass with bucket fetching and.....karate? Yes. Garen has been studying it for 20+ years. Clive found out, (i.e. I told him), and after some wrangling...we had a impromptu karate class on the deck. 

"We'll get there when we get there," is one of the most frequently heard phrases on the boat right about 8 p.m. every night as we all gather around after dinner to listen to the day's debriefing from our skipper Clive. 

Although I'm trying to respect the very Zen-like, and true approach to sailing that Clive so sagely reminds us of, I'm ready to see an island appear in front of the bow. Ready to sleep on land. Ready to feel like good-great-god-almighty-we-freaking-sailed-all-the-f-ing-way to Easter Island.