Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 172- Nov. 15, 2010

life guard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min.
1.6 pounds
678.9 pounds total

The author of a new blog called, "PLASTIC SEEDS" contacted me today. She is a SAMOHI' alum, and wishes that Team Marine was around for her when she was going there!

Her blog so far investigates topics like Bisephenol A - or BPA. Here is a well written, and disturbing excerpt from a post:

"BPA is the raw material of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. It’s the chemical compound that makes plastic clear and shatterproof, and it’s found in a vast array of consumables: water bottles, baby bottles, dental sealants, cash receipts, plastic plate ware, pipes, and maybe most disturbingly, in the linings of canned food. The U.S. makes seven billion pounds of BPA each year which translates to an unfathomable amount of products. And, to go along with the enormous amounts of BPA that get locked up in consumables are the measurable amounts found in our bodies and the environment. Cases in point: the chemical is detected in over 90% of urine samples taken from random U.S. citizens, and, scientists have uncovered BPA in every sample of ocean water and sand from over 200 sites from North America to Southeast Asia. So, when you hear that BPA is everywhere, it really is everywhere."
Here's what's happening tomorrow in downtown LA to ban single use plastic bags, and it is oh-so-exciting! Oh yeah - YOU'RE INVITED!!! Join us, join Heal the Bay and make history

"History will be made November 16th. Please join Heal the Bay in supporting the Board of Supervisors as they vote to ban plastic bags in Los Angeles County unincorporated areas. The rally will precede the meeting on the steps of the Hall of Administration. Please stay and testify in support of the ordinance. With a population of over a million people, this will be the largest municipality in the country to ban the use of plastic bags. "
Ahhh...the magic of twitter. Natalie of "Plastic Seeds" said that "twitter is our" Our being perhaps the enviros, ngo's and other fab. folks loving OUR planet. And I think she is right. Just look who I found via twitter:

They are in Australia, so it is not all that likely that I would have bumped into them if it were not for the twittersphere.
Here is their "How to participate page". They really break cleaning up our world into 5 easy steps. Check it out, maybe do it? And then tell others!
looking the other way

This is what the beach looks like south of lifeguard tower 26, which is the first photo in every Daily Ocean post.

As you may have noticed, up at the top of The Daily Ocean is a DONATE button from paypal. Here is what you are donating to:

My husband (a Marine Biologist) and I want to join the 5 Gyres Institutes's research expedition across the South Pacific this spring to study plastic pollution in the world's oceans, it's effects on marine life, and human health. I am going to blog the hell out of our trip while also being Garen's research assistance. But we can't get there alone. We need your help to cross the 4860 miles of ocean that are spanning out in front of us. Here's all the details. And thanks!