Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eat Right to Keep the Oceans Clean

Claudia Kousoulas recently sent me a post to add to The Daily Ocean's Community Collection Count. Afterwards, I asked her to write about what she saw during her beach cleanups and how this has influenced her thinking about the food she chooses.
Claudia has a fantastic website reviewing Cook Books called Appetite For Books.
Below I have posted her insightful piece about how seeing so much plastic food related trash on the beach made her rethink, and recommit to a sustainable approach to the food she chooses to eat.

In my recent Miami beach clean-up, I realized how much of my trash was food related—wrappers, bottle caps, and bottles. It made me think twice about my own kitchen and what eating habits will generate less waste.

· I stopped buying bottled water a while ago when I learned that the EPA has tougher water regulations than the FDA. Taps water has fluoride, is certainly cheaper, and doesn’t generate mountains of plastic refuse. I use a refillable bottle if I really need to take water. But I’m not trekking through the desert and not really in danger of dehydration.

I shop at the farmer's market where the food is fresh, local, even inspiring, and isn’t over-packaged. Like most shoppers, I bring my own bag and if I start bringing a clean dishtowel, like No Impact Man does, for cheese or bread, my only trash could be compost.

· I already shop the outside aisles of the supermarket, says Marion Nestle. That’s where they put the produce, meats, fish, and dairy—real food. An apple doesn’t need as much packaging as a pop tart. Don’t forget to bring your re-usable bag!

· I’m going to bag the baggies. A year’s worth of plastic sandwich bags: $17.92, a reusable sandwich cloth sandwich bag: $5.00, clean oceans: priceless.

· I hate that deodorant in a sealed plastic container also comes in a box, sometimes with a plastic insert. It has more to do with display than security. Now I like a beauty treat as much as the next girl, but I try to remember that yogurt makes a great facial masque and olive oil is a good hair conditioner. And no mystery chemicals.

Claudia Kousoulas