Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 265 - March 10, 2012

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min.
1.4 pounds
974.2 pounds total 

10 cigarette butts 
**For my remaining 100 cleanups, I am counting cigarette butts collected to help my friend Danielle show her local North Carolina Government Officials the difference between a beach where smoking is banned, and how many butts are found in 20 minutes where smoking is allowed. 

She writes the incredibly inspiring blog, IT STARTS WITH ME.

Danielle and I went out last night on our respective coasts for cleanup number 265. 
100 cleanups to go and counting! It feels great to start the last 100 countdown. 
And it was a fun idea that Danielle had to do a joint cleanup with me to celebrate. 

She's done 123, 20 min. cleanups herself, adding the pounds collected to the Community Count portion of this blog, while totally making the endeavor her own. 

She focuses on cigarette butts from her local Wrightsville Beaches in N.C., 
because on those beaches, there are thousands! 

This past Thursday, the Board of Aldermen in Wrightsville voted down a proposed smoking ban despite the 1,200 signatures collected, and the many people in attendance to show their support. 

One Alder-woman told Danielle, "I pick up cigarettes on the beach all the time, I just don't bring them to a meeting." Her barbed words speak to her character all on their own. All I would say is that if I were a voting resident, she would not be getting a check from me on the ballot box come re-election. 

(see photo from Day 264 - people aren't the only ones who step around plastic, the difference is we make it, we can pick it up, and we can change our lives to include less of it.)

But here's what Danielle and I came up with after talking yesterday. We're stepping up our collaboration. I wish we'd thought of this earlier, but I'm thrilled about the idea going forward. 

I will count how many butts I collect on my 20 min. cleanups and keep the tally for my last 100. 

So far, the difference is just staggering. 

I collected 10 cigarette butts in 20 min. last night.

Danielle collected 458. 

How about a re-vote B.O.A.? Cause I can tell you, that after 100 of these comparisons, if you have a heart, you'll be ashamed of yourself for turning away from the action neccesary to enact a ban.