Friday, June 24, 2011

I look at a lot of scenery that's exactly like this. Change the clouds slightly, vary the light and voila, you have my "back yard" for the time being. I can't type on my computer, or read for more than a few minutes at a time because of sea sickness (even with a patch of medication) so this is it. 

Not a bad picture to stare at. And really, a good way to spend my time. Life is boiled down the the essence of simplicity on the boat. 

Unless of course I get busy doing something else, like cutting Clive's hair so that when he goes home to his wife and kids in a few weeks he's not too shaggy. 

And then there are the friends I am making. This is Jess. She is AH-MAZING, (to use a common term of hers.) GO check her out at DESTINATION GLOBAL GOOD

This woman is seeing what she can do with a year, her own savvy and a small savings account to change the world. Her focus - all things water. Right now, she is taking the Cook Islands by storm setting up shark sanctuaries, mapping coral reefs, and getting certified as a dive master. 

How many days in the week are there? Seriously, I love this woman, admire her courage and spirit and would like you to leave my blog right now, no really, go, check Jess out. I'll forgive you if you get pulled away from this post, or welcome you to come right back. 

Then there are people like Jason and Colleen, co-founders of Stand For Tomorrow

What a good idea! We need to do that, think about how our actions, or in-actions impact the world of tomorrow and the future inhabitants of it. They live in Washington D.C.. Jason is an "rocket scientist", no really he IS an Aerospace Engineer, and Colleen is a writer, and a teacher. 

I feel so privileged to have gotten to spend time with people like J and Colleen and hope to help them with Stand For Tomorrow in any way that I can! 

Please go read about them right now. I'll be here when you get back. 

Excuse me for repeating myself if you've read this quote in a previous post, but here it is again. "However big you imagine the ocean to be, it's bigger." - Wallace J Nichols, marine biologist, ocean activist and personal hero of mine.

I can verify this quote from recent personal experience. 

So with the above quote in mind, when you see a bird fly out of the "wild blue yonder" you stop and take notice. 

And then when the day ends with a sunset like this, you stop and say thank you.