Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 339 - Oct. 4, 2012


lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min.
.5 pounds
1,276 pounds total 

22 cigarette butts

Community Count Day 252 (left to right) Mark, Danielle, Aaron, Garen
1.8 pounds
1,065.6 pounds total

You too can add to The Daily Ocean by doing a Community Count Beach Cleanup anywhere in the world!


A beach cleanup with friends and my husband is such a treat. Danielle and Aaron were visiting from North Carolina this past weekend. Danielle writes the blog, IT STARTS WITH ME where she collects trash for 20 min. at a time on her local beach too. It all started when she came out to CA over two years ago and went on a Daily Ocean cleanup with me. After returning home, she felt discouraged about the number of cigarette butts on her home beaches and asked me if she could start OUR DAILY OCEAN, a portion of her blog where she weighs all the trash she finds but counts out the cigarette butts.

She's collected over 50,000 cigarette butts off her beach, 20 min. at a time. 

We found the rest of the usual suspects as well. 

This styrofoam cup looked covered in beak marks and beak bites where some hungry gull had mistaken it for a meal. 

It's tough staying committed and optimistic, but when you don't have to do it alone, it makes it so much easier. Danielle brought me a bracelet with a favorite quote of mine inscribed - 

 - Ryunosuke Satoro