Monday, November 9, 2009

Team Marine at Santa Monica High School

This flu season has really kicked my butt. I've been sick again for a few days and unable to get out for a beach cleanup. I will try to go tonight if I feel better. But never mind all of that, here is a post that will make your Monday.

This is Megan Kilroy who was nominated by her Marine Biology Teacher Ben Kay at Santa Monica High School. She is part of Team Marine, a group of environmental activist students that Ben coaches. This year I have the privilege of getting involved.

Megan won the Teen Halo Award given by Nickelodeon and she is going to be on their awards show Dec. 11. She'll receive her award by Hayden Panittiere, also pictured above.

Watch a trailer for the Teen Nick Halo Awards that features Megan here.

And this video will hopefully be shown at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Made by Lynne Cherry and starring Team Marine. It is just a few minutes long, and speaks volumes about these students, their depth of knowledge, and our need to act now to help our ocean.