Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 52 - Sept. 4

Lifeguard Station 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
estimated pounds collected today - 2 bags - 1.7 recyclables/ 2.8 trash
estimated pounds collected to date - 280.6
There were a lot of people out on the beach when I was collecting today. I went a little bit early. It suites me better to be out there around sunset. Maybe I feel a self conscience collecting trash around so many people, or maybe I like the beach with less people on it? Probably a combination of both. It strikes me as a sad that I choose to drive an hour north to Zuma beach outside of Santa Monica Bay to go in the water, when this beach is 5 minutes from my house. I keep trying to convince myself to just go in the water here, it is so much warmer and closer, but I just can't bring myself too. Not after finding what I do day after day. Good waves here too for body surfing, my favorite, rats!
A sand toy that struck me as funny. An apple a day is a phrase that symbolizes health. Look at what the students at Santa Monica High School Team Marine are doing to promote health for nations that are a lot less fortunate than us: - Life Straw has developed a practical water purifier that is literally a straw that allows water to be filtered as you drink it.

Half of the world's poor suffer from waterborne disease, and nearly 6,000 people - mainly children - die from diseases contracted from unsafe drinking water every day.

Ridiculous. I should say that I have a Killer Whale squeeky toy that rides around with me on the dashboard of my car. I found it at Leo Carrillo Beach. I brought this beautiful creature home for my husband Garen to ride along with him as company. How could someone abandon such a cute critter, unless it washed in from sea to find a new home after a long bumby ride from who knows where down a storm drain, yuck.
Ahhhh...the daily single use plastic water bottle. I found 4 today.
In the same step. I found this shell, and this chunk of styrafoam at once. I rarely see whole shells at this beach. Unfortunately I see a lot of the other. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.