Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 49 - August 28

Life Guard Station 26, Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
estimated trash collected today - 2 bags - 4.2/2.3 recyclables = 6.5
estimated trash collected to date - 266.5
There was the most unbelievable sunset today. I think it was from the forest fire that is raging through Angeles National Forest here in Los Angeles. I have added about twice as many pictures to my blog tonight. I got lucky taking photographs earlier, it is really hard to screw up shots of that amazingly beautiful sky. This blog could be labeled trash and sunsets, but I hope you'll bare with me, they are both in need of documentation.
There was a blood red sunset today, and then I found this in the sand. I debated whether I wanted to post this picture. I have found tampon applicators, but not the actual tampon before. It disturbs me not only to see this in the sand right after I had looked at the beautiful sky above, but to wonder why it was there. Had it floated in on the tide, and if so was there a lot of toilet waste that had been flushed into the Santa Monica Bay recently?
I've started to talk to Ben Kay at Santa Monica High School who is the leader of Team Marine, a club there devoted to ocean conservation and environmental activism. I hope that we can join forces. We were talking yesterday about the need for water bottle manufacturer's to attach the bottle tops to the bottle. Until, we both agreed, we get rid of the bottles all together. I think I may keep a count of how many tops I find, and keep them for this year. That could be persuasive to influence companies to change. I like thinking of small gestures that add up to have greater influence. I think I'll do this.
My least favorite thing that I have seen on a day out collecting was a sea gull who swallowed a lighter just like this right in front of me before I could get to it.
A mermaid.
The moon and clouds.
I was surprised when I found a leading article in the AP on the Yahoo site about the Pacific Trash Gyre, a swirling mass of trash and plastics twice the size of the continental United States. I've read articles that say it is twice the size of Texas, but that was true years ago, it has grown.
Click here to read more. I am glad to see that this topic is getting the buzz it needs.
The 25th Coastal Cleanup Day is coming on Set. 19 where thousands of people come out from both coasts to clean the beach. I'll be doing that, maybe with Heal The Bay. The day after will be a festival for the Day of Peace on the pier in Santa Monica hosted by Roots and Shoots, a foundation started by Jane Goodall, it is going to be an incredible weekend. The festival is completely free so join us.
California Coastkeeper Alliance. Check them out!
Waterkeeper Alliance. Check them out too!