Monday, December 21, 2009

A Day Without A Bag

Me, Anna Cummins, and members of the Compton High's Recycling Club sewing and decorating tank top-bags to hand out.

We turned the tank tops inside out and sewed the bottom up, then flipped it right side out, and hold the handles, vwa-la! a bag. REUSE. cool.
These plastic bag zombies performed to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to spread the message that single use plastic bags and other packaging are a horror. They are from the South Bay and really had their performance down. Being from the generation who got to enjoy M.J. at his peak, I remember watching the world premier of Thriller. I thought it was magic.

Here's a link to a newspaper article about the zombies if you want to learn more: click here
Come on, how cool right?
Can you find the silver glove?
The Plastic Pollution Coalition was there too. Dianna Cohen, one of four founders, had a table with great information about plastic pollution, cool shirts and bottles that would make a good gift during for the holidays, and some of her incredibly beautiful plastic bag paintings that she has been doing for 20 years.
For more on Dianna's artwork: click here or click here and click here
For how to get one of these reusable water bottles and for more information on the Plastic Pollution Coalition- click here
There is also a new video with Diana talking about refusing plastics. So cool, great work!
This is the "Green Santa" from Heal the Bay.
I love California.
For more information on their Day WIthout a Bag event - click here
It is the third year running. Looking forward to next year.
Thanks Heal The Bay!