Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 306 - July 13, 2012

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min.
3.4 pounds collected
1,151.6 pounds total

1 cigarette butt

Sometimes there's so much trash out here, I just want to say FORK IT! I couldn't resist. 
Reminds me of the great documentary BAG IT: Is your life too plastic? It starts with one man questioning where all these "disposable" plastic bags go? And goes deep down the plastic rabbit hole from there. Told with humor, researched and well thought out, I highly recommend you at least watch the trailer. 

Every once in awhile, my photograph says it all. 

Lyrics to the Jimi Hendrix classic come to mind, "Castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually." Unless they're made of styrofoam...I've read estimates that this cup will still be around in some form in a million years. Did your mouth just drop?

The monsoon clouds covering our neighborhood in a humid blanket sure make an impressive sunset.