Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monteray Bay Aquarium with Team Marine

Monteray Bay Aquarium is a stand out place dedicated to raising awareness for all issues of ocean conservation. It was tremendous to see the aquarium buzzing with activity while taking in the ocean life there that is so well cared for.

Thank you to the aquarium for giving Team Marine free entry for the day!
A Weedy Sea Dragon - now my screensaver.
There are many signs strewn throughout the exhibits that are thought provoking and truthful.
Barnacles - can you see their legs?
One exhibit included objects sunk into the tank that would be found around a pier to demonstrate some of our contributions to marine debris pollution in the ocean and what it would look like submerged.
Sardines - this tank made me feel dizzy when I stood up close.
A Weedy Sea Dragon in action, and my first attempt at video blogging.

Day 112, April 9 2010

life guard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
6.2 pounds collected
443.3 pounds total
I've had a very full week that has led to feeling inspired, and hopeful about the state of our oceans. Don't get me wrong, the situation is grim, but taking 5 days to travel with Team Marine to Sacramento to lobby for legislation that supports our oceans, and beaches was the trip of a lifetime.
Environmental groups were out in force for Sacramento's Third Annual Ocean's Day - like Environment California. I received an email from them to a link where we can sign a petition in support of the bill passing through state congress right now to ban smoking on california state beaches.

Once passed though, we (the public), need to keep an eye out to demand that it is enforced. This doesn't address the problem of storm drains carrying a cities worth of cig. butts into the ocean, but hey it's a step in the right direction. Especially in light of the fact that:

"On one day in 2009, volunteers pulled 340,221 cigarette butts off California beaches. [1]"

Toxicity studies

SDSU public health researcher and CBAG Member Richard Gersberg evaluated the effects left-over cigarette butts have on marine life and found that the chemicals from just one filtered cigarette butt had the ability to kill half the fish living in a 1-liter container of water. Cigarette filters are made of cellulose-acetate, which is not biodegradable.

Roz Savage - Ocean Rower Extraordinaire - is setting off on the last leg of her Pacific Crossing to raise awareness for issues like plastic pollution in the ocean and global climate change.

She's an inspiration. I had the privilege of hearing her speak last night and I have to tell you she's amazing. To briefly re-cap part of her story, she wrote two obituaries years ago before she switched from a practical life that felt like a dead end, to "stepping off the edge of the known world", as she put it.

She wrote the obit. that would be shaped from the life she was living and an alternative obit. of the life she wanted to live. "One that left the planet in slightly better condition than when she found it." Well she has done that. And what a f&%&*ing cool idea. How brave, to write both obits. and have the courage to change.

Thank you Roz for the millions of people your story will touch, and the planet that will benefit from your courageous spirit and tremendous actions.

She also has a project about to launch called Eco Heroes - check that out and sign up too!!