Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monteray Bay Aquarium with Team Marine

Monteray Bay Aquarium is a stand out place dedicated to raising awareness for all issues of ocean conservation. It was tremendous to see the aquarium buzzing with activity while taking in the ocean life there that is so well cared for.

Thank you to the aquarium for giving Team Marine free entry for the day!
A Weedy Sea Dragon - now my screensaver.
There are many signs strewn throughout the exhibits that are thought provoking and truthful.
Barnacles - can you see their legs?
One exhibit included objects sunk into the tank that would be found around a pier to demonstrate some of our contributions to marine debris pollution in the ocean and what it would look like submerged.
Sardines - this tank made me feel dizzy when I stood up close.
A Weedy Sea Dragon in action, and my first attempt at video blogging.

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