Monday, October 26, 2009

Peace Troop Cleans the Beach - Oct 25

If Saturday's Blogger Beach Cleanup wasn't enough, Sunday the girls from Peace Troop came out to the beach to do another cleanup.

I have more pictures and reflections to share in a longer post that will be up by tomorrow, but I wanted to put up a quick picture and say thank you so much for showing how much you care! Peace Troop Rocks!

They collected 9 pounds in 20 minutes.

Blogger Beach Cleanup Success! Oct 24

Thank you to everyone who came to the Blogger Beach Cleanup. I will have a longer post with pictures and details up by tomorrow. This weekend was non-stop and has spilled over to Monday. Sorry if you have checked my blog and not found more info. on our cleanup, but please come back Tuesday for lots of pictures, etc.! We collected about 39 pounds of trash, good work!