Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 251 - Feb. 4, 2012

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min. 
1 pound
937 pounds total 

Famed race car driver, Leilani Munter is raising funds to drive a Cove themed car in the Daytona race this Feb. 18th. If she succeeds, the car will be the first ocean awareness themed car to race...ever. Give her a hand? Learn more here. 

As I was photographing this bandaid when a man stopped to ask, "Documenting medical waste?"
"Yes," I said. 
He looked puzzled. "For who?" 
"For me." I explained that I wrote the Daily Ocean, and some of the details. 
He seemed surprised. "Thanks. I'll check it out." 

Part of the reason I find collecting on the beach at sunset effective is that many people out on a walk to  enjoy the end of the day will stop, ask me what I'm up to, and I get to explain. 
Simple, easy, and I hope effective. 

My friends and I got tickets to see Cirque Du Soliel this Friday. When you buy your tickets, you can choose to donate to 1 Drop:
"ONE DROP is a charitable organization that develops integrated, innovative projects with an international scope, in which water plays a central role as a creative force in generating positive, sustainable effects for local and foreign populations and in the fight against poverty." 

I'm impressed with Cirque's efforts. They are supporting Heal the Bay's Aquarium while in town, as well as taking it one step further to funnel needed donations into international projects involving water.