Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 140 - August 17, 2010

life guard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
5.1 pounds
567.6 pounds total
"Green" Street plastic water bottle?

My friend Danielle has completed Day 3 of her Daily Ocean collection of cigarette butts and other trash in North Carolina. IT STARTS WITH ME - check it out!

This was about to be a sea gull snack. But I got it instead...phew!

Another amazing blog was brought to my attention this week when it's creator left me a comment on a Daily Ocean post. Harry lives in Southern Maine and has been chronicling the trash that he finds on his east coast beaches.

"Amazing that some of the sunrises I capture on my beach become the sunset on yours."
- Harry

Later on in this post you will see a message from a woman in FL doing a similar collection and chronicling it. Let's start a beach cleanup revolution?!? YOU WITH ME :D
Ahhh...plastic, plastic, plastic. Not a day goes by out here without finding some of this.

Here's a cool group of folks called, "Coastal Footprint." They are traveling 10,000 miles n 2010 to,

"Coastal Footprint is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to further scientific knowledge concerning the transport of micro-plastic debris in oceanic waters, prevent plastic from reaching the ocean, and remove anthropogenic debris from coastal areas."

Good luck guys! See their journey at COASTALFOOTPRINT.ORG

I love sea gulls. They are so well dressed! Look how beautiful this bird looks in the sand.

As I logged onto YAHOO today, my friend and fellow LA blogger, was on the Green section of YAHOO for her blog, "A Dress A Day."
Awesome Marisa!

On a dollar a day, she is creating beautiful dresses out of thrift store finds. Her goal?
1 dollar - 1 new dress everyday - for 1 year.
We had lunch a few months back, so I was so excited to she her up here this morning. Congrats!
The Daily Ocean was listed on a blog today as one of the "50 Best Blogs Leading Ocean Acidification Awareness." I was totally excited.

My husband is a coral biologist who just sent in a National Science Foundation grant to study Ocean Acidification on corals in Taiwan next year with his friend Peter who is a Marine Bio. professor at Cal State Northridge. I have a feeling that if they get their grant, The Daily Ocean will continue to earn its spot on this list.
Thanks to the Masters in Public Administration website for including me in your post today.
I got this cool email the other day from Jeannie in Panama City Beach, FL. Looks like there are a bunch of folks out on the beaches with a similar idea to The Daily Ocean and I am so excited to connect with all of them!

Here's what she had to say: (she started her blog since the Gulf BP oil disaster...)

"When the explosion happened, they worried about the people, and the beaches, and wondered how they could help. (her friends who knew she lived in FL)
Since I run on the beach almost every day, I noticed mainly that we, thank God, had no oil, but we have plenty of dolphin and sea turtle killing garbage all over the world's most beautiful beaches.

I have featured the really murderous stuff, figuring to pick my battles, as well as having concern that we here were at one point seeing a concentration of larger creatures that were being driven out of their home bases."

Thanks Jeannie for contacting me. Send me the URL of your blog and I will post it ASAP