Sunday, May 9, 2010

Send Sara to Sacramento to Ban Plastic Bags

Heal the Bay's Day Without A Bag in downtown LA last year

Make no mistake, plastic bags are scary!
We use 6 BILLION in Los Angeles County alone.
Most of them end up in the Pacific.

That's why I want to go to Sacramento with Seventh Generation Advisors and the Clean Sea Coalition to lobby for the BAN THE PLASTIC BAG BILL now stuck on the Assembly floor.

They've sent out a call for, "All hands on deck..." to attend.

Team Marine and other students from Santa Monica High School, fall 2009

We marched from Santa Monica High School to our city hall building, and then down the most populated shopping area, the 3rd Street Promenade chanting, "BAN THE PLASTIC BAG & BOTTLES."

The march happened at the beginning of this school year when I met Team Marine through Surfrider's Teach and Test program. They have all been a major inspiration for me. I'm so proud to know them.
I didn't anticipate that I would be going back to the state capitol so soon. To get there though, I need help. I feel very strange asking, but last fall I quit my job to finish my YA book, "Calliope and the Heart of the Sea." Although I am happy with the progress I have made on it, working from home as an unpublished author has left little wiggle room in our family budget.

Here's my Sacramento budget:
Southwest round trip ticket - 285$
Best Western 1 night - 125$
ground transportation - 70$

If you can donate 10, 15, 20 dollars, whatever you can, every bit counts, through the donate button found on the right hand side of The Daily Ocean, that would be wonderful.
It is a secure link that goes straight to PAY PAL.

If you can't give monetary help, which I totally respect, maybe you could pass a link to this post on to people who could help in that way.

Plastic bags do not make me smile. Californians Against Waste estimate that the U.S.A. uses 84 billion plastic bags annually."

I'm sure that most of the people reading this would like to go to Sacramento themselves, but can't break away from their busy lives. Send me instead! I'll go and represent all of us.

Watch Team Marine's incredible documentary, "The 10 R's" if you would like more information on the harmful impacts that single use plastics, of all kinds, have on the environment and thank you!