Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My neighbor down the street was in the Bahamas recently and here is what she found on the beach.
I didn't know that she was going to collect some trash off of the sand on her vacation until she sent me an email yesterday with this picture attached, which says it all. Every day, all over the world, this is what is washing up on our beaches. 

Solution? I try to phase out plastic packaging on my food. For example - I love Trader Joe's, but have you ever gone there and tried to avoid buying your food packaged in plastic? It is a difficult challenge! We go to the farmers market for our produce when we can. It is grown locally, it's healthy, and we bring our own bags to carry it home in.

Mary is an excellent photographer and print maker who shares a studio with her husband on Ocean Park Blvd. in my neighborhood. You can stop by there, or find her online. 

1616 Ocean Park Blvd. 
Santa Monica, CA 90405