Friday, September 30, 2011

Team Marine Comes to the Art Studio Gallery

Meet 2011 - 2012 Team Marine - a super-star eco-action group at Santa Monica High School. These guys put in serious hours for the environment. They focus many of their man hours on all things marine, especially single-use plastics in the aquatic environment, our dependence on fossil fuels, and how this all ties together requiring action. Now. 

They showed up on time and ready to chat about the prints hanging in the gallery, and The Daily Ocean in general. 

This was a particular favorite, and is one of mine too. I loved spending some time with them on Wed.. Time with Team Marine instills hope in me that the coming generations may very well be up to their eyeballs in environmental consequences, but their watch is going to put it straight.

On a side note - I am kicking myself that I was afraid of a little thunder and so stayed away from the beach tonight because the sunset was insane with hardly a drop! Let's not tell my east coast relatives a shudder of a thunderstorm kept me inside, shall we?

This weekend I am getting SCUBA certified at Eco-Divers in Culver city. All day Sat. and Sunday again for two weekends in a row. Who left their online course work for the day before? Yeah, that would be me. Off to study.