Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 243 - Dec. 20, 2011

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 min.
2.2 pounds
920.4 pounds total

For gifts that last, there's no better source of inspiration. And yes, you do detect a tinge of irony. Hats off to Marina though! She's an incredibly thoughtful artist with a message.

Migrating Grebes, like the ones we have here in the winter, mistook a Walmart Parking Lot in Utah for water. 1500 died after their crash landing, but over 3000 were released to the water. Grebe's can't take off on land. They need water to propel them airborne. I'm a fan of these elegant water birds. 

Sunset on December 20, 2011 in Santa Monica CA. Not bad for the day before winter.