Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is my project? The goals & info.

The inspiration for this project came when I realized I could treat everyday like a beach clean-up day, instead of waiting for an organization like Surfrider to host one. I do belong to Surfrider, and I think membership to organizations like theirs is important. However, since moving closer to the beach - I live in Santa Monica, California - I decided to do something to help protect our oceans as often as I could. 
I can easily feel overwhelmed from reports about how the environment, and especially our marine environments, are suffering. They suffer from causes which can be traced back to human activity. These reports still frighten me, but I know that every time I drive down to Ocean Park, and collect beach trash for 20 min., I feel better. At least what I collected stayed out of the water for that day. 

This got me thinking; how much trash would I collect if I did this for a year? So I set a goal, here are the guidelines:

-Everyday I can, go to the beach and collect for 20 min.
-Do this until I have 365 days recorded, (days do not have to be in a row)
-Weigh the collection and keep a tally of the lbs. for one year
-Photograph what the beach looked like that day
-Photograph some of the trash I collected
-Photograph something beautiful  

This blog is a way for me to share what I find, thoughts I have collecting, and related environmental topics. I also hope to leave some inspiration here as well. 

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