Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 58 - Sept 15

Lifeguard Tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes.
estimated pounds of trash collected today - 3.3 trash/ .1 recyclables = 3.4
estimated pounds of trash collected to date - 302
I watched this You Tube video last night about the Pacific Garbage Patch, or Trash Gyre. This is a topic that makes me loose sleep, seriously. Charles Moore of Algalita in Long Beach CA gave a TED talk about his findings and the solutions, or lack of, to this man made disaster. I have not figured out how to neatly include a You Tube screen into my blog, (would appreciate a "how to" from anyone who knows in the comments section)
So here it the link, Charles Moore, please watch.
Snow White trapped in the sea weed! Oh no! Don't worry, she got out.

As I was collecting tonight someone walked by me and pointed saying, "Heal The Bay, right?"
While I support HTB, I sort of explained what I was doing out there and then just decided to say thanks. I also pointed out that COASTAL CLEANUP DAY IS SATURDAY.
Thousands of people on both coasts and inland will be cleaning up the US and Hawaii. Want to join us? To find out more, click here.
What do you think I should do with all the sand toys that I find, and there are many?
Let me know by leaving a comment below.

My photographs were not very inspired today, I realize this. I think that may be because I watched the sunset tonight, instead of photographing it. After it had set, I walked off the beach feeling peaceful. This made me realize that watching the slow turning of the earth by watching the sun slip behind the horizon makes me feel alive. Maybe it is because I am present in the moment, but time seems to slow, I take a pause and reflect on where I am literally and where I may be in my life in general. All of this happens within a few minutes, but the space I feel around watching the sun set feels like I've just had a refreshing nap. Watching the sun set is a mediation for me. I'll get better pictures tonight.

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  1. You can give them to the Upward Bound House in Santa Monica. They have a toy-rary where kids can rent toys like books at the library.