Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 65 - Oct. 3

Blogger Beach Cleanup 1

life guard tower 26, Ocean Park, Santa Monica Ca
trash collected for 20 minutes
estimated pounds of trash collected today - 1.1
estimated pounds of trash collected to date - 318
My friend Judy sent me a link to this blog. The author set it up as a teaching tool for kids on such heavy topics as the Midway Atoll and Albatross Birds that are dying there by the thousands. They die from eating plastics, plastic tops just like this. Check out his blog, SOAR.
If this balloon had gotten into the water it would have been anything but a happy event. Marine animals mistake balloons as food that they then eat causing terminal blockages in their digestive system. This is a major cause of death in animals like sea turtles. There is a wonderful book that I may have mentioned called Voyage of the Turtle by Dr. Carl Safina. Click here for more details.
Wayne Sentman of the Naturefinder Blog has a very good entry on Albatross and living near the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch on the Midway Atoll near Hawaii. Please read it by clicking here.

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