Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you ecycle

Friends forwarded other friends about last Sat. Blogger Beach Cleanup and Brenda from eCycle decided to post about The Daily Ocean on her website.

I was sent the link to the article and was really stunned that she had taken so much time to cover my project in entirety. I can't say thank you enough for passing the word.

Hopefully one of the effects The Daily Ocean will have is that people will come up with their own ways to help the environment by deciding to do something that feels manageable and fits into their daily life.

That they start where they are, commit to a simple act that doesn't feel overwhelming and build on it.

The Daily Ocean started with me one day grabbing a bag and driving down the road to my local beach to collect trash......

What can you do today? What can you start?

Read Brandy's post here.

Look at their site, eCycle is a great idea: Printer Cartridge, Cell Phone, and MP3 Player Recycling.

Know anyone who has one of those? Brilliant, thank you!!

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  1. Sara,
    Thank you so much for your nice post. We have the same goal: Keep our environment clean by reducing the trash around us!
    By recycling printer cartridges, cellphones, and MP3 players, we keep them out of the trash and give them new lives -- and that's good for everybody!