Saturday, December 19, 2009

Megan Kilroy of Team Marine

I'm going to do a little bragging in this post. I work with Team Marine of Santa Monica High. They constantly inspire me. Above is a photo from a newspaper article about the march we did to ban plastic bags in early Sept.. That was taken in front of the Santa Monica City Hall. Makes you smile, doesn't it?
That same weekend we headed out to the Santa Monica Pier to participate in Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots organization's, Day of Peace. Here is Megan, a member of T.M., showing the girls in the Peace Troop a water sample on loan from Algalita Marine Research Foundation, of the North Pacific Trash Gyre.

This is a clip from the Teen Nick Halo Awards hosted by Nick Cannon. Megan was a recipient this year.
She is quick to mention that there is NO WAY she would be getting awarded anything without
the rest of her friends on Team Marine and the Surfrider/Heal the Bay Teach and Test Club.
But....she is awesome and this week didn't really want to do homework one afternoon so she
went to the beach in Santa Monica near the pier and collected trash for 20-25 minutes
She collected 1 pound and took some good shots. Well, she took clear shots of disturbing amounts
of trash. Below is what she found on her walk that lasted for less than 30 minutes.

Fact - Santa Monica cleans it's beaches daily
Fact - Plastics Are Forever. Yup, they do not biodegrade but break into smaller and smaller pieces until you have plastic soup. /

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