Thursday, March 25, 2010

TAPPED - March 24, 2010 SAMOHI

TAPPED the movie at Santa Monica High School
presented by Team Marine and The Daily Ocean

After the screening, many of the students gathered in the loby of Barnum Hall to take a picture showing our solidarity against Bottled Water and for TAPPED!!!

We counted 125 +/- in attendance
Afterwards, we asked people to sign our pledge to REFISE USING SINGLE USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES - with 80 signatures so far, that is a pretty good show of support!

These pledge posters are now up in Mr. Kay's Marine Bio Room, so if you forgot, or didn't have a chance to sign yesterday, you can still sign!!!!

We would like to add these signatures to the TAPPED, "GET OFF THE BOTTLE CAMPAIGN" as the director Stephanie Soechtig and her Line Producer Sarah Olson, continue on their 30 DAY/ 30 CITY tour across the USA! Find out more: TAPPED


  1. You're awesome!!!! Send us the names and we will PROUDLY add them!!!!!
    Thanks for joining the fight!

  2. Thank you Stephanie!

    I will write them all down for you later today :D
    Count me way in on the fight!!!! So appreciate, and admire what you and your team do!

    All my support -