Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oceans 4ever Lake- to-Ocean Cleanup

Community Count Collection: Day 36
1.6 pounds
307.5 pounds total

The dynamic duo team of Alexa (daughter) and Cindy (mother) behind the tremendous
"Oceans 4ever" blog set up a joint cleanup with me.

Here's what we did. Last Sunday we went to our prospective bodies of water - me, Santa Monica beach, and them - their local lake in Indiana.

We then spent 20 minutes at sunset collecting trash off the shoreline. Here is what they have to say about their experience:

They found: 1.6 pounds in 20 minutes and only made it roughly 50 feet!

-one McD's coffee cup
-one Styrofoam cup
-countless cigarette butts
-two aluminum cans
-"TONS" of chip bags, small wrappers like Starburst and My Little Pony toy plastic wrappers, maybe from a Happy Meal?
-one paper McD's bag
-two shredded single use plastic bags
All of the items we found were very small in size, so we thought we'd have a paltry amount after 20.

We traveled a *very* short distance for the concentration of the clean-up! We dug things out of the shorleline, out of grasses, and bent down often as the shore drops off, so that might have taken a bit more time.

But it needs to be done and we want to do it much more often! We will be doing it every week. We met a man who camps in the adjacent campgrounds who says he does it often, too.

We've decided to do a monthly co-cleanup to highlight the fact that we are trashing more than just our coasts and oceans with single use plastics and disposable packaging. Thank you for the effort and support!! I look forward to more of these posts in the future!

They made a video of their experience too. Check it out below.

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  1. This is all very good work of cleaning up done.It is amazing how some people are trying to bring consciousness among the rest of the world about the pollution levels and the sad state of the earth.