Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 145 - August 30, 2010

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
1.9 pounds
595.5 pounds total

I'm not surprised to find this on the beach today. It's summertime which means thirsty people fill the beach.

I am going to be on a the radio! My friend Heather Lounsbury - acupuncturist, nutritionist, and herbalist here in Santa Monica - has a great radio program that she hosts called, "Live Natural, Live Well," on BLOGTALK RADIO. She'll interview me in Sept. and when she does I'll put a link to it on The Daily Ocean. But in the meantime, check out her playlist of previous shows.

My friend Danielle of the blog It Starts With Me, in North Carolina was inspired by The Daily Ocean to start a spin off called Our Daily Ocean.

Her mission is to pick up cigarette butts off the beach in Wilmington NC. So far in just 5 days she has collected 1,402. Holy smokes! BA BOOM CHI! Sorry, couldn't resist.

That's a lot of butts...Her hope is that they will ban smoking on the beach. I hope it works, but the picture above was taken right smack in the middle of our smoke-free beach just last night.
My friend Siel of green LA girl highlighted Beth Terry's facebook page called, "Plastic Crap Wall of Shame." Beth also blogs at Fake Plastic Fish. Today's product highlight was, as Siel puts it, "A one-serving “sensible gourmet snack” with a plastic cup of cheese goo and a trio individually plastic-wrapped pretzel sticks — all encased in a plastic clam shell!"



  1. Sweet about the radio gig! I'm not sure I'd have the nerve, I'd probably forget my name. I love the cigarette butt ban idea. It's gaining traction in some local towns here. It is a shame; I mean, I hate having laws for everything. I wish people would just do the right thing. But if they won't on their own, then what choice is there? Live with poison?

  2. Sara!! You crack me up!! ;) I really wish people would just do the right thing... but unfortunately people just don't. And really it's not just about cigarette butts... we went to see Jack Johnson a couple of weekends ago... and he did such a great job promoting recycling and "greenness"... but at the end of the show... we saw recyclables spewing out of trashcans... and the lawn area? completely littered. (I really couldn't believe it... and I was so disappointed.) Over the past year, I've been referring to it all as "movie theater mentality". A lot of people think that there is always going to be someone there to pick up after them... their excuse? Somebody is paid to do that. My thought... what if they could be paid to do something else?

    Oh... and I also wish that companies would do the right thing. And if they're not going to... I'm feeling like the government needs to change laws... I'm feeling ranty ;)

  3. 1.9 is a lot! You're such an example. Thank you. Awesome news about the radio gig. I missed it. I'll check Heather's site and see if I can listen. God Bless. And thank you for the work you do. Very cool!

  4. Harry - Thanks for your comment! I realy like hearing from you on here. You raise an interesting point -- Do we need laws for everything? I hope not. And maybe that is the "good news" in AB 1998 failing in CA this year..People don't need a law passed to do the right thing. They can start today, and go reusable..

    keep up the good work in Maine!

  5. Hey Jeri -

    The radio gig as at the end of Sept. I'll post a link once it's done and I'll be talking about it as the time approaches, so you haven't missed anything! Thanks for your comments and support!!


  6. Danielle -

    I love Jack Johnson. I'll have a chance to go in Oct. and man a table for my friends at 5 Gyres. Even if people left trash behind, i have to hope that his example and what he spoke about sunk into their psyche somewhere... :D

    keep up the cig. butt count! you rock!

  7. Yeah... cash for butts, crazy. And as you know, there's plenty of them at the beaches and nearby streets. In San Diego on Jan 15th, 2011 (or future collection dates0... you can now trade these for cash or a donation towards several outdoor causes like Surfrider Foundation, Oceana, and The Ocean Conservancy to name a few. http://www.ripplelife.org/butts