Wednesday, November 10, 2010

sick day

I'm not feeling very well today, but a fall cold is nothing compared to what this bird had to go through.

This is an image that the environmental activist photographer Chris Jordan passed around today in response to a very misleading campaign that the American Chemistry Council launched called - "PLASTICS MAKE IT POSSIBLE"

I don't even want to put a link to it here because I feel weird about it, like it would encourage them in some way....but you can google it for yourself.

I'll let you decide for yourself what you think of this shameless green-washing.


  1. very disgusting... now i see why the water not only smells worse than ever but isn't a gorgeous color like it use to be...i think i've told u before, maui's water is not gorgeous any more!.

  2. I find best way for me to deal with such greenwashing is to laugh, then turn away from it. It's right up there with the website run by the 'natural hydration council' aka nestle, danone etc. The camapign is actually called 'bottled water's not that bad' and the website is yououghtadrinkmorewater. And they are right! I do now drink more water. From the tap. :)

  3. Feel better. We're just getting better here as well. I learn so much from your posts.