Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 201 - Feb. 23, 2011

**my guess is that this pink plastic wrapper held a valentine's day gift**

life guard tower 26 (in the background...) - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
2 pounds
759.3 pounds total 

This photograph was taken about twelve feet from the one that you see above it.

My friend Siel of green LA girl gets all the credit for posting about this quiz from the website called re-nest - abundant design for green homes. 
Answer honestly. "We've been there too..." 

How long to you think this plastic bottle has been tossing about in the ocean? There were micro-colonies of algae, a few shells in and on the bottom of the bottle, and other misc. sea life threads hanging on. 

Bonnie - of the blog The Plastic Ocean Project and ocean activist extraordinaire said to my friend Danielle who writes, It Starts With Me, that "beach cleanups are gyre cleanups." I like that. It makes a lot of sense. 

Who knows how long this plastic bottle kicked around for before it got spat back out onto a beach? 
Did it make it to the middle of the North Pacific Gyre and back? 

Well, the good news is is that it is out of the water now. 

If you have read The Daily Ocean before, you know that I have a thing for birds. Crows on the beach are my most favorite. Crows are quick witted, and gregarious. I imbue them with so much personality that when I see them on the beach I feel as if they must have come down for a purpose. 


  1. first bag, u r right.. second i recognize... that's a produce bag... it would be nice for that no plastic bag came into action far as the crows, they can be vicious on the beach.. i've seen them attack a pickniker's brown bagged lunch..wonder if they have the sense not to eat plastic?

  2. Ooh, that -had- been rolling around for a while. It would be cool, if not for the whole toxic bio-accumulation thing... and the whole puked-back-up-onto-the-beach thing.