Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Strange Catch

Garen is not the strange catch, although he is a "catch." I couldn't resist.

We were going along our merry way with nothing but clear blue sea stretching before us. 

When we snagged the most unusual catch! 

He resisted, putting up a valiant fight. This guy is one tough bugger. 

Once out of the ocean, we recognized our dreaded foe. THE BAG MONSTER! 

He was hard to subdue. And unusually far from home....his kind tend to travel close to shore before they get eaten by unsuspecting sea creatures mistaking him for a meal. BUT we hauled him aboard and made him answer for his crimes! Don't worry, he was "humanely handled" and not forced to walk any plank.

However, Chico Bags does need our help! You can go to SUED BY PLASTIC to catch yourself up on the lawsuit facing this stellar reusable bag company. I think Surfrider's E-Newsletter SOUP called the plastic bag manufacturers move "desperate." I'd agree and add one more adjective...dirty.

Go to Chico Bag's FB page and send them a message of support! We need companies like theirs to prevail! Let's make sure this lawsuit doesn't become a nasty precedent. 

We put our trusty British Sailor on watch just to make sure another monster didn't slip through our grasp!


  1. Seeing what was caught totally made me sick..

  2. LOL, Sara, wish I had gone to the link before posting my comment... I, naturally thought all those bags were pulled up by you guys... my bad.. Well, we all know most lawsuits are frivolous, hopefully Chico's has a good law firm representing and they're blowing this suit out the other ear. The plastic company will look like a fool anyway, let them hang themselves.

  3. Sara!, July 1st. state law-- no MORE PLASTIC BAGS .. even mom and pop stores... Markets will provide paper bags for a cost... Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How exciting! I saw two plastic bags floating down the street today, in Santa Monica...and I had been in the car for five minutes on the way to Kinko's....