Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 229 - Oct. 27, 2011

lifeguard tower 26 - Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA
trash collected for 20 minutes
1.6 pounds
859.5 pounds total

There's a group of guys who come together for rugby a few times a week around sunset. Lots of different people enjoy this stretch of beach. I find it really sweet that so many locals consider it their own place. The ocean and beach belong to no one and everyone all at once. 

I have to watch my step if my head's in the sand while collecting trash, crossing in front of their line can mean being mowed down.

I'm a fan of these granola bars. Recently, I've enjoyed a couple after a body surf in the morning. But the evidence of my quick snack carries on. Where are my wrappers? An LA landfill being buried?

There's a story behind this picture...shall we make up our own? Two students went to get frozen yogurt after school. They took it to the beach. After enjoying their snack, one of their father's pulled up in a yellow lifeguard SUV, being as his job is head of the LA County lifeguards, and told the kids to hop in the back. One of them knocked the container they'd enjoyed their yogurt out of while climbing in, the spoons spilled onto the sand, and they drove away without noticing. 
OK - it needs work, but you get the idea.

A splintered plastic cup. 

A sandcastle in the making. 

A surfer taking a wave all the way in during an extreme low tide. 


  1. Trick or Treat
    kick the sand on the beach,
    pick up littered trash by your feet.
    The TRICK-no calories
    the TREAT-exercise
    & clean beaches.

    Modified from my Tweet @VtLitterStories

  2. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. I am on the lookout for Halloween wrappers tonight. Good bet there will be plenty, and if not tonight then this weekend after it rains I'm sure!