Monday, January 21, 2013


Way back in 2012 (Dec. 7th) we had a party to celebrate the 365th Daily Ocean beach cleanup. I set my goal over three years ago with a few guidelines - 

How much trash could one person collect off of their local beach in "one year"?

1. go to the same beach for every beach cleanup
2. time myself to clean up for only 20 min. 
3. take photographs of the good, the beautiful and the trashy as I went along and post them here
4. go as many days as possible - not in a row - my average was one beach cleanup every three days

I wasn't sure who I would reach with my new project when it began in March of 2009, but I've made several friends like Marina Deb Ris who is a graphic designer, trashion designer, and plastic pollution awareness activist. 

Friends from other parts of my life showed up for me on Dec. 7. Here's Nancy and Sandra looking at my photographs which I displayed pop-up gallery style at Yogitoes that night. 

When enough folks had gathered I presented my new website to the crowd. 

I'd been working on it for a couple of months and was proud to roll it out that night. Even though I've finished my initial goal, I'm not planning on stopping here. 

My friend Danielle was here to celebrate. We've collaborated a lot over the last few years. She has a section of her blog IT STARTS WITH ME called OUR DAILY OCEAN. We have been comparing cigarette butt counts during our respective bi-coastal 20 min. cleanups between CA and her home of North Carolina. Our friendship is for me one of the most treasured outcomes of my project.

Kellie made all the goodies. She's a talented photographer and pastry chef. My friend Ben standing next to her is lucky to call her his girlfriend. They're a great match!
Ben teaches at Santa Monica High School and coaches Team Marine. 
A big thank you for a Team Marine alum and friend Kou for helping me that night. 

So what am I up to? 

Come to and sign up for updates and news from me. 

It's easy - click the JOIN ME button and enter an email address 

where you'd like to receive a monthly update from me. One goal of mine is that I want to speak to as many schools and businesses as will have me. Can you help?

I want to surprise and delight with my talks, photography and writing. 

I want to inspire as many people as I possibly can to care for our oceans and beaches. 

It's so easy! You can do it!

I projected a running slideshow of my photographs. 

Welcomed new friends from the Surfrider Rise Above Plastics Speaker Training Program
 - Phil and Fernanda

Got a chance to chat with friends from the beach and

reveled in the company of friends, family and ocean lovers as we filled the space with Blue Love for our Blue Planet.

The conversation is still going on. Thanks to my friend Lindsey for joining the fun who works tirelessly with Surfrider, and Environmental Charter Schools. 

Here's to many more ocean centered conversations where people feel motivated, heard and fired up to make a difference for the ocean. But a difference for the ocean is also for all the people and life on this wondrous planet of ours. Come along for further adventures at 

for the full party album here - Daily Ocean Party on Flckr


  1. You're doing a good thing. It's always nice to hear the good news that's out there. Keep the positive vibes flowing.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. Hi Lee
    Thanks for taking the time to write me a comment. I hope you'll come check out what I am up to at thanks so very much!!

  3. What a fantastic project! You're dedication to the project is inspiration itself.

    It reminds me of the book by David Helvarg called '50 Ways to Save the Ocean'. It talks about 50 simple ways anyone can help protect the oceans. Actually this May we are having a Summit in Washington DC with panels, workshops and even a day when attendees go to capitol and meet/speak with they respective congressional leaders. Take a look.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work to protect our fragile oceans.

    All the best