Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 175 - Thanksgiving Day 2010

Matador Beach, Malibu CA
trash collected for 20 min.
4.7 pounds collected
686.9 pounds total
Charlotte heading down to Matador Beach on Thanksgiving Day before our 2 pm meal

It felt right to be on the beach with some of my favorite people on the planet for Thanksgiving Day.
many fishermen were staked out on the beach with yards, upon yards of mono filament

Most of the trash that I found on the beach came from the people that were still near it. A Red Bull can near a fisherman casting into the surf. A plastic water bottle in front of a chair next to another man ready to fish. This made me wonder if it was my place to explain why we wanted to make sure we took our trash with us when we left the beach? I collected their trash, but said nothing which didn't help me let go of the resentment and judgement that was ringing through my head, "Why don't people know better?" And why don't they? And how do we tell them in a way that hits its mark and takes effect? Seriously, I'm asking...

Lisa's toe and a plastic bottle top
I thought this was kelp...

But it wasn't. It was a buried black, plastic tarp or bag that we couldn't entirely unearth. Garen and I dug, and dug as the tide came in, pushing sand right back on top of it.

But maybe this is why I am driving to Sacramento on Sunday for a Monday rally on the steps of the CA State Capitol Building to build momentum for the plastic bag ban. I see so many plastic bags that I have to get in the car. Do you live in Sacramento and want to join us? Leave me a comment and I will tell you the details.


  1. Aaron says stuff to people all the time. When Mark was out... we watched as a man threw his butt down on the beach. Aaron walked over to him (I said to Mark, "watch this")... then Aaron said something (??) and then the guy picked up his butt!! I watch it happen... and I'm always baffled. I don't know how he does it... or what the "secret" is...
    Maybe it's much like that story you posted, "Hi, I just learned that...."

    hmmm... you should definitely pick his brain (that sounds weird) about it when he's out next week!!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was a day full of love and gratitude... by the looks of it was!!! :D

  2. "Why don't they know better?" The thing is , they do know better, they just don't give a rat's ass. That is the bottom line and the fact that they are fisherman is unbelievable.. I am glad I wasn't there because I would of said some pretty colorful things!.

  3. you thought it was kelp: that is the most frightening thing: this side by side of nature and plastic and you sometimes don´t know what is what.
    and yes, they do know better, but they don´t feel it.