Saturday, November 27, 2010

OUT OF TOWN FROM 11/28 - 12/2

First stop tomorrow is Sacramento where I will get to hang out with my lobby buddy Denis from the Surfrider So. O.C. chapter, which seems like a total kick ass operation.
I met her in Sacramento this year and lucky for me, she's up there again for another rally to Ban the Bag. We'll be attending the event for promoting momentum for the city-by-city Bag Ban at the State Capitol Building Steps on Monday morning.

I hope to get up there in time to do a Sacramento River cleanup.

Then it is off to the SF Bay area to see my friends, and back down through Santa Cruz in time for my husband's birthday on Thursday.

We tried to find a sustainable sushi restaurant to go to on his birthday in LA. NONE were found. Bummer. We need to take a cue from SF and Seattle.

More cleanups from my local beach will resume Friday when I meet with my friend Danielle's husband Aaron who is in town. She writes a great blog that I mention often called, It Starts With Me - check it out!


  1. I had read vendors can still use bags to package poultry or keep veggies from contaminating other foods....Plastic will be cut down but not totally...

  2. Hi Sara! If you've got time and are in the neighborhood, stop by the Aquarium! I'm working this week and can give you (and your husband?) a tour. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  3. the same fish! I forgot that you were in Monteray! That would have been awesome. Another time for sure and I will plan ahead. Thank you!!

  4. Kalei's Best Friend -

    That is correct. Bags with be banned from large retail outlet stores, their pharmacies and chain groccery stores but you can still get bags for your fruits and veggies and meats at the store. It is a start...

    Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. I am way behind in getting back to you on them and I really appreciate the dialogue so thanks again!